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Inspiring Junior

According to a theory, the brain is moldable and plastic to great extent during childhood.

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Teenager Talk

The transitioning from childhood to teenage is one of the most dynamic phases of life

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Senior Talk

We welcome and invite all the professionals out there with the agenda of ‘speak to inspire’.

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Inspire Club

Key Objective of Speak to Inspire Club - Weekly Meet / Educational Sessions / Public speaking Practice.

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Speak to Inspire

Midas Talks is a public speaking platform that invites experts from myriad fields who share their inspiring stories, experiences, hardships, wisdom, or success mantra to the world.

Wisdom and experiences aren't bestowed upon us at birth -- that's for sure. It's a long process of learning and trial and error that helps us more quickly reach our goal of finding wisdom and experiencing the wisdom of others.

Midas Talks invites such great achievers, thinkers and speakers whose words have immense power to transform the lives of individual beings with their Power of Words.

As we know an expert of any domain, was a beginner formerly. Indeed, he might have seen many pitfalls, ups-downs, and hurdles that would have hampered him from reaching his destination. But how smartly he tackled all these roadblocks, what roadmap he followed, what experience he attained, and what efforts it asked to get him from rock bottom to the high tides of his career, such a prominent story is worth listening to.

Through Midas Talks platform, people with a great understanding of any discipline add value to other’s lives. Our speakers are not limited in terms of age; gender, religion, caste etc. We welcome people of all ages who have something unique to share with the world and impact each individual. Needless to say, their stories can spark inspiration and bridge the gap between a newbie and an expert who are directing on the same path.

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