About Us

‘Midas talks’ was born from the question of ‘how to add value to humanity, and on the search of its answer, we realized that people need to be educated about the ‘Right skills and Right education’ for their ultimate growth in their lives. Hence, we approach the great thinkers so that their wisdom, thought processes, and plausible knowledge can rewire the brains of millions of curious souls across the world.

In this digital era, the internet is flooded with plenty of information on every subject. Yet, people are stuck in a rut and are unable to figure out their motives, hidden potentials, and the right skills that they need for growth. Hence, we came across the idea of ‘Right Education and Right ideas’ that can work as a game-changer for everyone who is seeking a purpose of their lives or mapping out the path for their destination.

What is Midas Talks?

Midas talks is a public speaking platform that welcomes people all around the nation who are willing to share their stories of life with others. There is no limit to the age group; we merely seek people with deep understanding in any discipline.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to connect a novice and an expert of any domain via our platform. We provide a wide range of content topics spanning from entrepreneurship, philosophy, relationships, failure, uprising, success stories, motivation, psychology, and the long list goes on. After all, the life-changing stories and experiences have the utmost potential to ignite inspiration in others.

Midas talks community’s sole purpose is to serve to humanity by bridging the gap between the great thinkers and people who can benefit from their wisdom or experiences. For this, we conduct offline and online events both on a yearly, quarterly, and half-yearly basis.

Our Story

Our Why Clarity

We have a clear vision of contributing to society by transforming individual lives. As spiritual beings, we all are somehow connected to each other, and our purpose on this planet is to garner knowledge and grow in any specific field. Besides, this knowledge must not be limited to a single being; it must be spread to every individual who can get any sort of benefit from it. Hence, this platform works as a boon for broadcasting the right knowledge to the right people.

We are the Contributors

Everyone longs to accomplish their dreams and to reach that ladder of success. And, to help you achieve that peak, we try harder to provide all that we can offer for your growth. After all, the secret of a gratified life is giving and serving.

Our Customers and Team Members

We believe in building a strong and committed relationship for the long haul. We treat our customers as well as team members like a family. The basic key constructs of our bond start with trust, commitment, and attitudinal loyalty.

We Love What We Do

If you love what you do and are 100% devoted to your work, then you have the absolute power to move the needles, and on this simple theory, our foundation is based upon. We are committed to our speakers as well as to the audience and tries our best to serve them.