Midas Talks

Inspiring Junior

According to a theory, the brain is moldable and plastic to great extent during childhood. Hence, we have the utmost power to rewire children’s brains at that time for better personality development. Keeping this hypothesis in mind, we have commenced Inspiring junior talks services, where we welcome kids on our platforms for extempore and public speaking activities. Midas Talks is one of the best platforms through which children can get accustomed to the stage and public speaking. To gear them up for speaking, we provide brief training and rehearsal as well.


  • Uplifting self-esteem, assertiveness, and confidence for public speaking.
  • Overcome stage fear, shyness, and nervousness.
  • Enhancement of ability to organize and express thoughts and ideas in front of the public.
  • Personality development and enhancement of speaking skills.

Inspiring Teenager Talk

The transitioning from childhood to teenage is one of the most dynamic phases of life, where a teen has to undergo several transformations. As the children embrace adolescence, they naturally start developing their unique mindsets, ideologies, and thought processes during this span. Therefore, to encourage and enhance their skills, Midas talks welcome these future assets, that is, the teenagers on our platform to share their stories of transformation, achievements, or ideology. Through this public speaking, teens can learn how to express themselves in front of the public, speak up confidently, overcome their shyness, and whatnot.


  • Great exposure to the live stage and public speaking platform.
  • Grooming of outer and inner self for overall personality development.
  • Overcome the stage fright, anxiety, and nervousness.

Inspiring Senior Talk / Working Professionals - Men/Women

We welcome and invite all the professionals out there with the agenda of ‘speak to inspire’. The sole purpose is to invite solopreneurs and professionals like entrepreneurs, IT heads, product managers, architects, industrialists, and educators, whose words, wisdom, experience, and success stories can inspire millions of brains. After all, it is the ultimate knowledge, success stories, and the venture of hardship that influences individual minds. Besides, the platform is also open for all those professionals who are willing to promote their product or unveil their brand to the public.


  • Great platform for bringing awareness about a brand and product.
  • Open platform to reveal the researches, esoteric knowledge, and philosophical views.
  • Opportunity for bringing any social campaign to public attention.