New Apex Logistics

Apex Logistics has grown from a start-up with humble beginnings into becoming India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics service provider. Over the years, our capabilities have expanded to include both traditional and non-traditional forms of transportation like rail, road and marine services because we recognize that no single mode of transport is the right fit for every shipment. With the majority of our staff having an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management, warehousing, ecommerce fulfilment and other related business areas, we are able to do more than just move your cargo. As End-to-End logistics solution provider, we can integrate multiple modes of transportation to produce high levels of customer satisfaction by developing tailored solutions that address your unique needs.

We have a customer-centric approach, world class resources, state-of-the-art technology and professional management. This is great for us! One of the best things about using this approach, working with such forces that create value for us is that we follow strong corporate governance and are committed to value creation for stakeholders as well as shoulder social responsibilities. These qualities make work more meaningful!