Speak to Inspire Club

Inspire Your Audience

Are you going to give a speech or a presentation? This is often an important moment which can have a major impact on your career. How do you make sure you stand out from other speakers?

Midas Talks helps you to tell your story using your own strengths while connecting with the audience and club. The key is to grab the audience’s attention, induce an emotion, and to inspire them.Are you ready to be seen as a leader when you speak? Midas Talks it is platform for your forum here are speak to inspire your audience and related to club and communities.

We believe there is only one way to learn how to speak: by doing it. Our trainers use a broad range of writing exercises, theatre and role playing exercises that will be recorded and reviewed. We use an objective method to make, present and evaluate the speeches.

Content and delivery

An inspiring presentation depends on both content and delivery. We help you to build your presentation as an exciting story. Midas Talks helps participants to improve the way they use their voice, their posture and in making contact with the audience. Equally important knows how to stand on stage with the attitude of giving your audience a present.

Our method

Midas Talks believes there is only one way to learn how to speak: by doing it. Our trainers use a broad range of writing exercises, theatre and role playing exercises that will be recorded and reviewed. We use an objective method to make, present and evaluate the speeches.

Speak India Forum

When in the world of forum marketing, everything depends upon the traffic. You may be equipped with brilliant and outstanding products, but what possibly you will do if you are devoid of any of the audiences is the real question. This piece of writing takes into review the various ways, which can be implemented in order to gather up a larger, more abundant increase in traffic.

Make good and strong speeches. This will have two advantages: firstly, it will make people realize what you are and what strong points you have so that if they question your reliability in case of some of your tough gestures, your forum well justifies and compliments you. The other and the most important advantage is that forum moderators will come to know that you are present on their forums just because you are serious.

Many of the business professionals suggest that the true power and success that they have aquired was from "asking questions". You need to build up core questions along with some really good flowcharts, which can compliment a person's ideas. Make people divert themselves along your flowcharts by giving them options and then in the end, present them with what you have to offer and how you can make their life easier or solve their problems.

At Speak India forum, it is not the jack of all spades, alone the master of one particular field matters. Prepare yourself fully with one particular subject. Subsequently, advertise and attract people towards that subject with your strong knowledge. Implementing all these points, you will definitely create an increased awareness and lead generation from forum marketing.

Speakers Tribe

Who is your tribe? Have you found yours yet?

Public Speaking - Build Your Tribeand Get Social

The introduction of social networking has opened up a whole new frontier for speakers. They give you the ability to build your own tribe - people who enjoy the information you provide and want to follow you and get more hints, tips and value from being connected.

From a speakers point of view it is a really easy and simple way of staying in touch with a large number of people. You get the opportunity to show them on a regular, even daily basis that you have something interesting, unique and valuable to say.

At every talk you do, you should be encouraging people to link with you or follow you and you will be amazed and gratified to see how many actually do. Social media is the perfect platform for staying "top of mind" with people. It is a great tool that allows you to engage in a dialogue with potential clients, build connections and develop trust based relationships over time.

Just recently there has been a plethora of social platforms that you can belong to and take part in. They all have their own following and "profile" in the market. Each of them will attract a different segment of the market and a different type of person. Below is an overview of three of the most popular that you might want to consider.

Facebook and social website used to be more about home and family use but currently is becoming more business orientated and more and more "business pages" are being created on the platform. It allows for a rich and dynamic conversation and easy community building. If you are speaking to a customer base that is women/home/lifestyle/children/life stories/relationship based then this would be a great platform for you to use.

The Midas Talks is a platform that allows subject matter experts and professionals to create a public profile and market themselves as speakers. It also provides a one stop shop for meeting planners, organisations and companies to easily find great speakers for free or low cost.