Team Member

Ms. Surbhi Nagpal (Lifestyle designer Consultant)

Surbhi, a Lifestyle designer and Implementation consultant and working in Industry more than 10 years. She is a creative, conscious lifestyle designer and works on areas i.e. Image consulting, Life skills development, Attitude & Behaviour analysis. As a Lifestyle Designer and implementation consultant she endures Conscious health, synergises with relationships, mind, body and soul.

She is internationally certified and accredited consultant and on the mission to transform the life of more than 5 lakhs. She has a vision of designing a beautiful serene inner landscape for a outer harmonious change. Her Motivation, Bliss, fulfilment and transformation helps in unplugging the barbed wires of negative self-belief to the path of empowering and strengthening Real you. She effortlessly designs, educates and trains people to control the driving seat of their life, and design their own destiny.

An amalgation of her professional success with her personal experience lets the best for clients to learn and elevate themselves.With her high aesthetic skills, she marks the journey from Fear (inner and external) to Flight of (pride, self-confidence and humility) Success.

She is keen follower of Bhagawad Gitaand its ideologies, imbibes and promotes to help people the path they have lost, provides the clarity to the confused and wisdom to all. She has been awakening and strengthening people’s inner core, self belief, and aspire them to attain the Life they dream and desire.