"My experience with the Midas Talks platform was awesome. Midas Talks Team is a wonderful group of people that have a great vision. They have a well-organized event that is a perfect example of great teamwork."

Ghazal Luthra

Mindset Makeover Coach

"Midas Talks has given me the opportunity to share my experience of my Cancer survivor Journey with people.An excellent public speaking platform for thought leaders & aspiring speakers to express and Inspire."

Dippika Bhatia

Dietian cum Illness free lifestyle Expert

"I got a chance to share my eGrowth Business Framework with Midas Talks. Midas talks is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience with society."

Atul Puri

Business Owner & eGrowth Framework Creator

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Rucchii Kanvar


"I help people find their purpose in life so that they can drive their lives in the right way. I sincerely express my gratitude to the Midas talks team for providing me this opportunity. Besides, I was amazed by their work ethic and supportive crew."

Anju Choudhary

"The majority of the people live in a delusion about the stock market activities, and I always wanted to break their preconceived notions. So, thanks to Midas talks for offering me this opportunity through which I could reach maximum people to share my in-depth knowledge on the stock market."

Ravi Kumar

Stock Market Expert

"I am privileged to get a wonderful chance to verbalize my thoughts and knowledge via the platform provided by Midas talk. I have worked and anchored on various platforms, but the work culture, staff behavior, and integrity make Midas talk really stand out. It is one of the best platforms to bridge the gap between an expert and a novice."

Radio Jockey Manish Azad

Radio Jockey / Love Guru

"I was invited to the Midas talks platforms to share my philosophy about the key to happiness. I find myself quite lucky to get this opportunity to get vocal about my philosophy of happier life. Midas talks community is the perfect epitome of unity in integrity."

Pramod Aggarwal

Spiritual Mentor